PSIvet Healthcare Initiative

"Offering affordable employee health insurance benefits helps you compete with corporate veterinary groups and retain valuable employees"  - Dr. Dan Jones, Director of Operations and Business Development

Our Mission

PSIvet has partnered with Vault Consulting, LLC to design and offer a market leading healthcare solution that leverages the recently expanded role of associations. The PSIvet Healthcare Initiative aims to provide a better and more affordable healthcare option to the members of the association. The initiative also endeavors to share information with PSIvet members on the topic of Benefits and Human Resources best practices including changes in the law of which you should be aware.  The links below allow you to sign up for our monthly newsletters that will help keep you informed as well as improve your current HR best practices, as well as your knowledge on employee benefits.

With the market research that Vault Consulting has done, it can be found that the price of healthcare is not the only concern to employers. They also care about the quality of benefits they are receiving. The early stages of the initiative will include implementing level-funded health plans for any and all interested PSIvet member groups. This will result in immediate member benefits such as reduced costs, better benefits, employee retention, and case management. When the participating member count reaches a high enough level, PSIvet and Vault will outline a strategy that could result in an association-wide group health plan that all member groups and individuals can join.

Want to learn more?

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Major Medical

The Vault Health Plan is a unique answer for employers trying to save money on the cost of group health insurance. A level-funded plan allows you to save money by paying for the cost of small claims with employer money, while providing you absolute financial protection from larger claims with stop-loss insurance.

Major Medical

Basic Health Package

Our Basic Health Package is a coast-to-coast non-insurance alternative that eliminates claims while providing convenient and affordable access to medical care. Our Basic Health Package delivers employers 13 to 20 percent return on investment.

Basic Health Package