Fast Start Member Engagement

Data Collection from Currently Insured Groups: We don’t want to create disruptions for you or your employees, but we need to get access to data that only your current insurance company has. By executing a broker of record change, we can begin collecting data that will support the overall goal of creating an AHP. If this applies to you, please click HERE to access a document explaining how to complete this process (you may need to click ‘leave’ and download will begin at bottom left of your screen).

Data Collections from Currently Uninsured Groups (Option 1): We will work with you to complete online personal health surveys and then propose cost effective options for employers to offer Health Benefits that support the overall goal of data collection in support of creating an AHP.

Data Collection from Currently Uninsured groups (Option 2): We can make available a very basic health insurance product that costs between $50-$80 per month per employee. These plans include all of our drug strategies and provide some preventative care benefits. The plans “auto issue” so employees do not have to complete health surveys and the plan enhances our effort to begin data collection in support of creating an AHP.

The form below is used for us to collect some basic information about your clinic, as well as your employees. We will then be in contact with you regarding the next steps of this process and which of the options above is going to work best for you and your employees. Thank you!

    ***Use SIC Code 0742***                                                  

For any questions or issues regarding this online form, please contact us at